Thick-billed euphonias in Panama

This video says about itself:

Thick-billed Euphonias Congregate On Panama Fruit Feeder – April 26, 2018

Watch and listen as a small group of Thick-billed Euphonias congregate on cam and exchange sweet, burry notes across the feeder platform. Male Thick-billed Euphonias are mainly glossy steel blue with a yellow forecrown patch that reaches to just behind the eye, and bright yellow underparts including the throat. Females are, like those of most euphonias, much duller, being olive above and yellow below. You may also notice a few olive-backed individuals with the signature yellow forecrown of the male birds—these are immature males that have yet to molt into their full adult plumage.

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6 thoughts on “Thick-billed euphonias in Panama

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