Spanish right-wing politician is shoplifter

This Spanish 25 April 2018 says about itself (translated):

A video makes Cristina Cifuentes resign: caught red-handed in a supermarket

Cristina Cifuentes has announced her resignation this Wednesday as president of the Madrid region. Her resignation has been precipitated a few hours after a video that shows the moment in which the leader of the [right-wing] PP [Partido Popular party] is held by a security guard after stealing two cream jars in a supermarket in 2011, when she was number two in the Assembly of Madrid.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Spanish … regional president resigns after shoplifting

Regional President Cristina Cifuentes of Madrid has resigned. Old surveillance footage from a supermarket has come out showing that she has stolen anti-wrinkle creams.

Cifuentes is a member of the conservative Partido Popular and a confidant of Prime Minister Rajoy.

She has always profiled itself as a fierce opponent of corruption, but during the last few weeks she was already under attack because she herself did not follow the rules fervently. It was discovered that she has a false university degree, with forged signatures. She would be questioned about this by the opposition next week.

Through the back door

Cifuentes committed the theft in 2011 when she was vice president of the Madrid region. The images show that she was taken to a separate room in the supermarket by a security guard. There she gets the unpaid jars of cream from her bag. The jars cost 40 euros together.

The security guard does not recognize her. Two policemen, who arrive later, recognize her and give her the opportunity to disappear after the payment of the 40 euros through the back door of the supermarket. It is not clear whether these policemen will be prosecuted.

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