Dutch beavers moved to Britain

This is a 2015 Eurasian beaver video from France.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP, 24 April 2018:

Three Limburg beaver families are going to move to Great Britain to strengthen genetic diversity there. Partly as a result of that, there is probably no need for beavers to be killed in Limburg for a long period of time. The Waterschap Limburg announced this on Tuesday. …

The move relieves the overpopulation of beavers in Limburg. …

At present there are only beavers in a relatively limited number of places in Great Britain. Beavers occur in Devon in the southwest of England and at the Forest of Dean on the border between England and Wales. There, small groups of beavers have been freed because the animals can reduce flooding with their dams after a downpour.

7 thoughts on “Dutch beavers moved to Britain

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