Saudi Arabia kills Yemeni wedding guests again

Yemeni boy victim of Saudi airstrike in hospital, AFP photo

Not the first time the Saudi royal air force targets Yemeni weddings

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

People killed in airstrike on wedding in Yemen, bride possibly killed too

In an air raid on Yemen, at least twenty people were killed at a wedding. Among the victims the bride is also said to be. The airstrike was carried out by the international coalition led by Saudi Arabia

In a hospital in the western Hajjah province, 45 people were brought in, including 30 children. The state of some people is critical, the head of the hospital said to the American news agency AP. …

Air attacks also caused casualties among the population last weekend. At least twenty civilians were killed on Saturday. And on Sunday night, a family of five is said to have died in an air raid.

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