Stop Canadian anti-environment, anti-First Nations pipeline, petitions

This Canadian TV video says about itself:

Growing opposition to Kinder Morgan pipeline

16 April 2018

Opposition in B.C. [British Columbia] to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline is growing, from both Indigenous leaders and politicians. Will the Prime Minister’s move to save the pipeline make a difference?

To read more: here.

From Our Revolution (Bernie Sanders supporters in the USA) today:

The rights of Tribal Sovereign Nations and our shared climate and environment are in jeopardy today because of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—and I’m asking you to join me in taking a stand.

When President Donald Trump was elected, the world looked to Trudeau to be a strong progressive voice and leader. Instead, he’s close to selling out our environment—and First Nations communities—to give government assistance to Texas-based company Kinder Morgan (formerly Enron Liquid Pipelines) to build the Trans Mountain Pipeline. This would be the biggest tar sands pipeline on earth, shipping 890,000 barrels of oil from Alberta to the coast per day—the equivalent of 34 million new cars on the road every year.

I expected this of Trump, but from Trudeau, it feels like betrayal. He knows as well as we do that we’re in a climate crisis, and we all stand to lose big—especially First Nations people. Big polluters have called the shots for decades while indigenous communities, low-income communities, climate scientists and environmental activists have been shut out of or, at best, held at arm’s length while our elected officials cater to Big Oil and Gas and their shareholders’ profits.

It’s not too late to hold Trudeau to account before he makes a huge mistake. Show your solidarity with the First Nations and our Canadian neighbors fighting their Parliament to stop the Trans Mountain Pipeline—sign the petition.

The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People would be torn apart with Trudeau’s approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Our environment is at its breaking point, and no one knows this better than the First Nations in Canada, and Native American communities like the Tulalip Tribes of Washington state, of which I am a part.

I know we can do this. Together, we’ve taken stands to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, Keystone XL, and countless other pipelines that threaten our land and water. Over 250,000 of us signed the #NoDAPL petition, and we raised more than $200,000 for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. We have the power to do it again, and stop the Trans Mountain Pipeline if enough of us take action right now.

Will you add your name to the petition opposing the Trans Mountain Pipeline in solidarity with thousands of Canadian and First Nations people standing up to Big Oil and Gas and a government that is putting profits before people?

There is no big money or benevolent corporation coming to save us. We have to be the change, and change is the only thing that can save our planet from the greed and recklessness of the fossil fuel lobby. Please join me, and my dear friends in Canada, in raising your voice in solidarity with the rising international chorus for environmental justice today.

t’igwicid—thank you,

Deborah Parker, (Tulalip)
Co-Vice Board Chair
Our Revolution

This December 2017 video from the USA is called Green groups sue Trump administration over delay of methane rule.

From the League of Conservation voters in the USA, 19 April 2018:

Trump and Secretary Zinke are trying to gut environmental protections for drilling and fracking on public lands. Sign and say NO WAY

Petition to Ryan Zinke:

Your proposal to weaken methane regulations on public lands puts the profits of the oil & gas industry above the health and safety of our families and our communities, all while wasting taxpayer dollars.


Lola — If we don’t speak out by MONDAY, the oil and gas industry could win a free pass to spew millions of tons of methane pollution into the air. At this very moment, the Trump administration is pushing a new proposal to rewrite common-sense environmental protections for drilling and fracking on public lands.

Trump and his dirty cabinet are working relentlessly to undo the progress we’ve made in fighting climate change and cleaning up our air. Zinke’s proposal for rewritten methane protections doesn’t even come close to providing the type of protection we need to stop this methane pollution from contributing to climate change.

But there is a chance that we can make a real impact in this fight. If we are loud enough, we can force Zinke to back away from his polluter handout. But that will only happen if enough of us speak out now.

DEADLINE: April 23: Sign the petition to stop another polluter handout »

If Zinke and Trump succeed in rewriting these commonsense Obama-era methane protections, they’d open the door for more methane pollution from our public lands that harms families and communities — hurting communities of color first and worst.

What’s more, this terrible plan to not hold the oil and gas industry accountable will actually cost taxpayers money. When companies frack and drill on our public lands, they pay royalties to taxpayers. Every time they leak, vent, or flare toxic methane pollution, they’re not only releasing hazardous and climate-warming pollution into the air, they’re also wasting millions every year in potential taxpayer revenues — money that could be used to fund our schools and local infrastructure like bridges and roads. We simply must have stronger standards in place to minimize these wasteful and dangerous leaks.

We know we can go toe to toe against Zinke. Just last week, Zinke backed away from radically increasing entrance fees to our national parks after massive public backlash. We can make him walk back his damaging proposals again, but we must act quickly.

SIGN TODAY: Tell Trump and Secretary Zinke to stop playing games with our health and environment »

Over the years, tens of thousands of LCV members like you have spoken out in support of common-sense protections against dangerous methane pollution. Thank you for continuing the fight.

Brooke Still
Director of Digital Strategy
League of Conservation Voters

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