Same-sex vulture couple’s youngster freed in Sardinia

This 16 April 2018 video shows how two young griffon vultures, raised in Artis zoo in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, are freed in Sardinia in Italy.

The young griffon vulture, raised in Artis zoo by same-sex parents, photo by Artis

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Artis frees two young griffon vultures in Sardinia

Today, 15:09

Artis Zoo has freed two young griffon vultures this weekend in Sardinia. One of the vultures became well-known last year because it was hatched and raised by an all-male same-sex couple. The other vulture is the chick of two vultures which were injured in the wild in Spain and could no longer be released.

The Amsterdam zoo is participating in a project that reintroduces griffon vultures into Sardinia. Their number there has declined since the 1970s because farmers put poisoned carcasses on their land to kill predators. As scavengers the griffon vultures also became victims of this.


Meanwhile, the griffon vultures are doing better, but protection remains important. The birds now have to deal with new threats, such as roadkill when eating cadavers on roads or injuries caused by power lines.

Within the ‘Life Under Griffon Wings‘ nature project, a total of 60 griffon vultures will be released, including last weekend the two Artis youngsters. At the same time as the Amsterdam birds, ten other griffon vultures from zoos in Europe were released. …

The all-male griffon vulture couple in Artis could breed last year by chance. “We found an egg in the aviary, that happens more often, but because we did not know which couple’s it was and they did their best, we gave them the chance to breed. Both male and female griffon vultures breed and feed youngsters, so that was no problem.”

See also here.

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