Hungarian demonstrations against right-wing prime minister

This 15 April 2018 video is about demonstrations in Budapest, Hungary against right-wing prime minister Viktor Orban.

Hungarian TV, monolithically pro-Orban: here.

Hungary approves ‘slave labour law’ stripping workers of rights: here.

Deputy of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) Agnes Kunhalmi holds up a sheet that reads ‘You succumbed to the multinational corporations’ among other oppositional lawmakers as they block the steps leading to the rostrum at the start of the plenary session of the parliament in Budapest, Hungary, today

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  2. HUNGARY: European Parliament members voted overwhelmingly today for action against the Budapest government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban for undermining the EU’s democratic values and the rule of law.

    They voted 448-197 for a report recommending the launch of an “article seven” procedure, which could lead to Hungary’s EU voting rights being suspended.

    Some members of the European People’s Party conservative bloc, of which Mr Orban’s Fidesz is a member, voted against their ally.


  3. Protest by Hungarian workers against overtime and pay

    Around 10,000 workers held a protest in Budapest on Saturday against changes to the labour laws. Under the proposed changes workers could be required to work up to 400 hours overtime a year, up from the current 250 hours.

    The changes will allow companies to accrue the overtime payments over three years, rather than the current one year, before having to pay out. The changes would also allow employers to make agreements on overtime directly with workers bypassing any collective bargaining arrangements.

    According to the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation, wages in Hungary are among the lowest in Europe. The Hungarian parliament was to discuss the proposals on Wednesday. Another protest was expected that day.


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