French air force bombs factory workers

This 10 April 2018 video is called France bomb: Fighter jet drops replica on town.

Today, Dutch NOS TV reports that yesterday a French Mirage 2000 warplane, based at Nancy-Ochey air force base, has bombed a factory in Nogent-sur-Vernisson town.

No, the situation in France is not as bad as in Yemen yet: there the air force of the Saudi absolute monarchy, pals of French President Macron, butchers factory workers and other civilians for ‘fun’ and on purpose.

In France, Macron has a conflict with workers going on strike and demonstrating against the president’s pro-billionaire and anti-worker policies. Macron fights them with tear gas, rubber bullets and other violence, but at least so far, not with warplanes yet.

The bomb on the Nogent-sur-Vernisson factory was not dropped on purpose, but by mistake (French air force top brass don’t know what mistake yet).

Also, it was a ‘fake’ replica bomb for training purposes. That is a lucky escape for the many more factory workers who would have been killed or maimed if it would have been a ‘real’ bomb. But it is cold comfort for the two Nogent-sur-Vernisson workers now in hospital with serious injuries.

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