Vote NO against Dutch Big Brother law, 21 March

This 13 March 2018 Dutch video is by the Party for the Animals in the Netherlands. It is about a girl Fleur, who has a pet Tyrannosaurus rex. Supposedly, that carnivorous dinosaur is for ‘security’. However, the tyrannosaur ends up eating Fleur.

On 21 March 2018, there will be elections for most local authorities in the Netherlands. On that day, people can also vote in a referendum, for or against the government’s new ‘Big Brother’ law which supposedly is for ‘security’. It gives the secret police new powers to spy on everyone and to share the results of that spying with foreign services like Trump‘s CIA, the secret police of Erdogan, NATO ally and warmongering dictator of Turkey, the secret police of Saudi Arabia (that warmongering dictatorship is an ally though not a NATO member), etc.

The Party for the Animals opposes that new law. That is what their ‘tyrannosaur‘ video is about. And they are not the only ones.

In this 8 March 2018 video, Amnesty International explains why the new Big Brother law (‘sleepwet‘ in Dutch) threatens human rights.

In this 8 March 2018 video, the Dutch Socialist Party explains why voters should oppose that law. They explain that in English, here, as well.

Here is an open letter by scores of Dutch cybersecurity experts; warning that the law threatens privacy, making it easier for hackers to steal people’s Internet data.

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