Amazon, other corporations, selling nazi books

This video from the USA says about itself:

The Turner Diaries and the American Hard Right

4 August 2014

Thom Hartmann draws parallels between the fictional Turner Diaries novel and the hard right conservatives of today.

By Sam Tobin in Britain:

Monday, March 19, 2018

Retail: Anti-racist campaigners call on booksellers to stop giving ‘vile authors the veneer of respectability’

MAJOR booksellers are giving “vile authors the veneer of respectability” by selling virulent anti-semitic and neonazi hate material, campaigners and MPs said today.

Anti-racism campaign Hope Not Hate is calling on Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles and WHSmith to stop selling extreme material after an investigation revealed a huge amount of far-right hate and anti-semitic works available online.

The group found that infamous race war novel The Turner Diaries, an inspiration for both Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh and London nail bomber David Copeland, was sold by all four booksellers.

The neonazi fantasy was also owned by Pavolo Lapshyn, a Ukrainian neonazi who murdered 82-year-old Mohammed Saleem in Birmingham in 2013.

Maz Saleem, Mohammed’s daughter, said: “Nazi ideas lead to racist murders on the street, but are also a threat to every democratic society in the world.

“People like Steve Bannon, Paul Golding, Richard Spencer and Jayda Fransen are trying to resurrect Hitler‘s and Mussolini’s ideas.

“These books aid the legitimacy of these ideas. They must be stopped.”

Her petition, calling on Amazon and Facebook to remove far-right thug Tommy Robinson’s Islamophobic book from their websites, has already received more than 3,000 signatures.

Hope Not Hate also found that Waterstones, Foyles and Amazon all sold anti-semitic forgery The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, originally produced by the tsarist secret police and which has been described as a “warrant for genocide.”

The works of prominent Holocaust deniers David Irving, Nick Kollerstrom and one of the world’s most active deniers, the convicted criminal Germar Rudolf, are also available online, as well as The Anarchist Cookbook.

Labour MP Ruth Smeeth said: “Extremist, hate-filled books have no place on the websites of respected retailers like Waterstones or Foyles.

“No-one is saying we should ban these books, but why do these high street chains want to give these vile authors the veneer of respectability?”

Hope Not Hate’s senior researcher Joe Mulhall said: “It beggars belief that Amazon, Foyles, Waterstones and WHSmith would remain silent after the true nature of these works have been brought to their attention.”

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