Pro-peace rally in the USA, elsewhere

From the Global Call for Peace in the USA:

Join the Global Call for Peace. March 18, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT / 6 p.m. GMT

Who will be on the call? Thousands of people from over a dozen countries, with special guests

The Emergency

After months of personal insults, military deployments, escalating sanctions, and threats of nuclear war, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have suddenly agreed to an unprecedented direct meeting. This unexpected twist fills many of us with both hope and fear. Will Trump really use these historic talks to open up a true path to peace? Or will he use them to provide cover to justify an even more relentless rush to war?

One thing’s certain: The stakes are far too high to sit back and wait for an answer. As the White House staff formulates their approach, the American people must immediately demand nothing less than a sincere diplomatic initiative, which delivers a strong and lasting peace. And people around the world must stand together in solidarity. The threat of war affects us all, and the call for peace must come from everywhere.

The Global Call for Peace

On March 18—just two days before the 15th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq—thousands of people from many nations will gather for a live video call to discuss our common situation and how we can tip the balance toward peace.

Raed Jarrar of Amnesty International will share his lessons watching from Iraq as the “coalition of the willing” rushed into a tragic and preventable war. Christine Ahn, leading activist for peace in Korea, will discuss the situation on the ground in Korea and share insights about what successful diplomacy would require and what people everywhere can do to help. Senator Bernie Sanders will talk about how American and global people’s movements can shift the equation in Washington before it’s too late. Jenny Town is a top expert on North Korea with a focus on nuclear weapons, nuclear energy, the US – South Korea alliance and Northeast Asia regional security.

The call is hosted by OPEN, a global network of progressive grassroots campaigning organisations in nearly 20 countries, who will be joined by allied groups around the world. We’ll share our message of solidarity and discuss how we can work together in the months ahead.

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