BBC Photoshop job on Labour for anti-Russia hysteria

This 10 May 2017 video is called Noam Chomsky: I would vote for Jeremy Corbyn (EXTENDED INTERVIEW).

This image from Britain today shows a BBC Photoshop job on British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to make him look ‘Russian’ to help the Conservative government‘s anti-Russia hysteria.

After Colin Powell’s Photoshop job about ‘Iraqi weapons of mass destruction‘ at the United Nations to help start the Iraq war (Powell later apologized for these lies) …

Also reminiscent of the 1920s British Conservative forged ‘Zinoviev letter’ to discredit the Labour party.

The media has not considered how Russophobia is benefitting big business. In dangerous times, the public is reliant upon the media to seek impartial, clear-headed and rational expertise. But so far all we’ve seen is speculation and the refusal to consider third-party interests, writes KENNY COYLE.

Whether Newsnight photoshopped Corbyn’s hat or not is not the point. The point is why the ‘impartial’ BBC played along with the corporate media’s anti-Corbyn bias at all, writes BEN COWLES.

Why is the BBC so stupidly right wing? Here.

From the Zinoviev Letter of 1924 to the alleged poisoning of a double agent in the UK, both US and British intelligence have a long record of employing lies to justify war and reaction: here.

We cannot let the BBC define ‘normal’ any more. The BBC is still locked in a 1950’s ‘we know best’ attitude in service of the elite, writes SOLOMON HUGHES.

BBC chiefs deny propaganda role as papers reveal links to intelligence services: here.

8 thoughts on “BBC Photoshop job on Labour for anti-Russia hysteria

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