Spanish police kill African street vendor

This 2011 Amnesty International video says about itself:

Stop racism, not people

According to Spanish law the police can check the identity of people in public places when there is a security concern, for example when a crime has been committed in the area.

However, Amnesty International research has revealed that deliberate identity checks on foreigners in the absence of any security concern are widespread. Certain police stations in Madrid have been given weekly and monthly quotas for the number of irregular migrants they have to detain thus encouraging officers to target people belonging to ethnic minorities.

Racial profiling, when the police stop to question and arrest people because of their skin colour does not always amount to discrimination, but is discriminatory and illegal according to international law if it has no reasonable or objective justification. This campaign film features Matteo de Bellis, Amnesty International Campaigner, on location in Spain.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In a neighbourhood in the center of Madrid riots broke out after the death of an African street vendor. According to witnesses, the Senegalese man was on the run from the police, who had an action against undocumented street vendors. …

The man is said to have lived in Spain for about fourteen years, but had no residence papers. …

Mayor Manuela Carmena announced on Twitter that she regretted the death of the man. She wants the case to be investigated thoroughly.

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