Spanish government attacking free speech

This video says about itself:

In Spain: Tweet, Rap And Write At Your Own Risk

14 March 2018

The Spanish right-wing minority government is attacking free speech; and not just in Catalonia.

From the New York Times in the USA:

Spanish Artwork Denounced Political ‘Persecution’. It Was Ordered Removed.


MADRID — Whether by law or intimidation, Spain has become a country where the risks of free expression have quietly mounted in recent years.

Puppeteers have been prosecuted for inciting terrorism. So have a 21-year-old Twitter user, a poet and some musicians, including the 12 members of a band. A much criticized law has made it illegal to film the faces of police officers on the streets, and sharply restricts public gatherings.

On Wednesday, the chill entered the realm of contemporary art, when Madrid’s main exhibition center ordered that a work labeling Catalonia’s separatist leaders as political prisoners be removed from an international arts fair.

Rapper jailed for three and a half years after criticising Spanish royal family. The Spanish Supreme Court ruled his work contained glorification of terrorism, slander, ‘lèse-majesté’ (defamation against the crown): here.

Spain fails to turn page on Franco’s legacy of censorship. Phrases and even entire pages are still missing from books by writers such as Orwell and Hemingway: here.

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