Islamophobic death threats in Britain

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

British MPs threatened, worries about ‘Punish a Muslim day

Today, 9:32

In Britain, four MPs of the Labour Party have received suspicious packages, presumably because they are Muslims. In fact, three of the packages included a letter that calls for violence against Muslims, according to the British newspaper The Times.

The document refers to a special day to punish Muslims, a ‘punish a Muslim day’, on 3 April. The letter surfaced for the first time in social media last week and was also sent to the homes of several Muslims in London. The letter states that people can earn points eg, by verbally abusing a Muslim, by snatching a woman’s headscarf away, and by throwing acid into a Muslim’s face.

Death threats

London mayor Sadiq Khan is sick of threats against Muslims and has posted a video on Twitter in which he read aloud several death threats addressed to him.

He was called a homosexual Muslim terrorist who had to die. Others said he should be deported, or that he should commit suicide.

The anti-terror police is investigating.

Meanwhile, people have also launched a counter-action. Under the heading Love a Muslim day you can earn points by smiling to a Muslim or by participating in Ramadan.

Islamophobia has replaced fear of immigration, a worrying report finds. Hope Not Hate finds that while concerns around immigration has declined, ‘attitudes to Muslims in Britain have hardened’: here.

Muslim Council of Britain calls for full investigation into Tory Islamophobia: here.

USA: Mosque Terror Attack Suspect Put In Detailed Bid To Build Trump A ‘Great’ Border Wall. The former sheriff’s deputy submitted an extensive proposal that would make the border wall a recreational attraction: here.


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