Striking workers arrested in Chad

This March 2017 French language video is about the dictator of former French colony Chad, Idriss Deby Itno, meeting with French neo-fascist politician Marine Le Pen.

Dictator Idriss Deby Itno is beloved by NATO governments; as he was their ally in their 2011 war on Libya, still causing much bloodshed and slavery.

With workers in Chad itself he is less popular.

From the World Socialist Web Site, 9 March 2018:

Riot police arrest protesters in Chad

Riot police are confronting striking public sector workers, who have broad support among impoverished workers and students, with over 100 students and workers already arrested.

Public service workers have been on strike in Chad since the beginning of the year, first over unpaid wages, then over pay cuts. Teachers, nurses and administrators have joined the strike, incensed by increased petrol cost, wage cuts and other austerity measures.

The Chadian Order of Lawyers have condemned the government’s “brutal and unjustified increase in fuel prices, unilateral and suicidal cuts in wages, as well as the systematic ban and repression of peaceful demonstrations.”

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