Abolish European Union ‘fake news’ witch-hunters, Dutch parliament says

This video says about itself:

Why “real” news can be more dangerous than fake

22 November 2016

There’s a crusade against “fake news”! So you’re saying that a bunch of Macedonian kids screwed millions of Americans over and got Trump elected? A bunch of Macedonian kids versus the enormous mainstream media machine – those six giants that control 90 percent of American media … Oh no, you don’t make up news intentionally, CNN didn’t interview their Super-Hillary-Fan cameraman intentionally and Fox’s fake “former CIA operative” was just an honest mistake, fine.

But misleading, misinforming, pulling out of context and propagating war – that’s your intention for sure: Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. American mainstream media, bravo! You did a brilliant job convincing American to go there, to kill and to die under false pretext.

But lessons aren’t learnt – Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, ISIS, terrorists – or what do you call them – “moderate rebels”? But what you do is way more dangerous, your “real news” starts wars, kill and displace millions and destroy entire regions. So f*ck fake news – most can see that coming… it’s the real news that needs a check.

Translated from Dutch (‘center right’) daily De Telegraaf today:

Parliament wants to get rid of fake news watchdog of the European Union

THE HAGUE – The House of Representatives wants to get rid of the controversial office of the European Commission that has the task of fighting fake news. The government should advocate the abolition of EUvsDisinfo in Brussels, according to VVD

‘Center right’ biggest party in the government coalition. Strongly anti-Russia: to such an extent, that the VVD Foreign Affairs minister, Halbe Zijlstra, lied in order to get more taxpayers’ money for ‘defence‘. Halbe Zijlstra lied he had been present in the dacha of Russian President Putin, where he had heard Putin say all sorts of warmongering bloodthirsty things. Recently, it turned out that Zijlstra had never met Putin, and that Putin had not said those things. Zijlstra had to resign in disgrace.



Socialist Party (SP). PVV, GroenLinks and SGP also want to close down the office.

Which means a majority in parliament.

EUvsDisinfo is supposed to counter the influence of Russian propaganda in the European press and has published a list of examples. The service became discredited because it also branded Dutch Public Radio 1, De Gelderlander daily, GeenStijl site and The Post Online site as purveyors of fake news

, especially on Ukraine. EUvsDisinfo did that by uncritically copying propaganda by an Ukrainian nationalist lobby group; which objected to correct Dutch media reports eg, that extreme right groups influence Ukrainian policies.

To work for EUvsDisinfo you don’t need any qualifications.

EUvsDisinfo “misses the target” and “interferes with the free press in the Netherlands”, say the members of parliament Dilan Yesilgöz of ruling party VVD and her SP colleague Peter Kwint.

What Minister Kajsa Ollongren of Home Affairs thinks of the assignment by the House is still unclear. Ollongren emphasized so far that it is important for the EU to continue the fight against fake news.

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