British racist tried murdering 12-year-old girl

This video from the USA says about itself:

Roy Moore‘s Muslim Marxist MELTDOWN

21 December 2017

There are sore losers and then there’s Roy Moore. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Failed Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore still hasn’t conceded the Senate race to Democratic rival Doug Jones — but that hasn’t stopped him from bitterly posting articles that cast blame on “Muslims” and “Marxists” for his humiliating loss.

In a pair of Facebook posts that have gone up over the past two days, Moore has promoted an article from conspiracy theory website World Net Daily that alleges “a coalition of Muslim and Marxist-led groups” was instrumental in defeating Moore’s Senate candidacy.

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There is not only an Islamophobe called Moore in the USA. There is one in Britain as well.

While American Republican politician Roy Moore is accused of abusing young girls sexually, Briton Paul Moore is accused of attempted murder.

From daily The Independent in Britain, 2 March 2018:

Man tried to kill Muslim woman and 12-year-old girl as ‘revenge’ for terror attacks

Paul Moore said he was ‘doing the country a favour’ after targeting woman wearing headscarf

Lizzie Dearden, Home Affairs Correspondent

A man has been convicted of attempting to murder a Muslim woman and 12-year-old schoolgirl in “revenge” for Islamist terror attacks.

Paul Moore, 21, told relatives he was “doing the country a favour” after ramming his car into the victims in Leicester on 20 September – five days after the Parsons Green Tube bombing.

Zaynab Hussein, who is Somali and wears a headscarf, was walking down Acer Close after dropping her children off at school when Moore hit her with his Volkswagen.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that the driver laughed as he returned to the woman, as she lay wounded on the road, to run her over with all four wheels.

Ms Hussein sustained life-changing injuries after suffering a broken leg and fractures to her pelvis and spine.

Moments later, Moore drove at a 12-year-old schoolgirl who was also of Somali origin and wore a headscarf.

He showed no emotion as a jury on Friday found him guilty of attempted murder, grievous bodily harm with intent and dangerous driving.

Mr Justice Soole adjourned sentencing to a later date, with 47-year-old Ms Hussein’s husband, Barre Duale, watching as Moore was taken back to his cell.

In a statement released after the verdict was announced, Mr Duale said Moore “joined the ranks of terrorists” by launching an attack on the UK’s values.

“He was actually attacking Britain, he was attacking a British mother, a British wife, a productive British worker and charity volunteer”, the statement said.

“He wasn’t attacking terrorists, he was joining their ranks by doing what they do and attacking an innocent woman.

“I hope that he thinks long and hard about his actions and is able to understand the error of his ways.”

Mr Duale said the family was heartbroken by the attack, and any sentence Moore receives “will be less than the life sentence that my wife will have to live with” through her injuries.

Prosecutor Jonathan Straw said Moore has a number of previous convictions and was on bail for a charge of causing grievous bodily harm when he was arrested for the attack. …

Prosecutors said Moore targeted Ms Hussein “purely because of the colour of her skin” and perceived Islamic faith.

“Carefully and deliberately, in an act of calculated evil, he aligned his wheels so the front and back wheels were over her,” Mr Straw told the jury.

“He did not know her. He tried to kill her purely because of the colour of her skin and because of her perceived Islamic faith as she was wearing a hijab. …

Mr Straw said Moore drove at the schoolgirl moments later and clipped her, adding “it is only by the grace of God and nothing more that she was saved”. …

Four other people were in the car with Moore during the incident and begged him to let them out afterwards.

In a recorded interview played to the court, passenger Reece Bishop said Moore was laughing as he hit Ms Hussein.

“He was just driving like a maniac,” he added. “I thought we were going to be dead. He said, ‘I feel like running someone over. Anyone’.

“It all happened so fast. He turned the steering wheel and he just hit her out of the blue.” …

[Witness] Mr Welsh said he did not wish to repeat the language Moore used after the incident as he “did not want to be racist”. …

Campaign group Hope Not Hate warned that online hatred was growing, with far-right extremists rallying around the idea of a “war against Islam”.

“We must be prepared for more terrorist plots and use of extreme violence from the far right for the foreseeable future”, said the group’s chief executive Nick Lowles.

Security services have raised the alert over a mounting threat from the far right since the neo-Nazi murder of Labour MP Jo Cox and the Finsbury Park terror attack.

Several terror cases involving suspected neo-Nazis are progressing through courts, including alleged plots to attack Downing Street and murder a Labour MP with a machete.

Last month a Britain First supporter was jailed for trying to mow down the owner of an Indian restaurant after saying he was going to “kill a Muslim”, while a neo-Nazi was convicted of planning to attack a gay pride event, and a Hitler-obsessive was imprisoned for threatening to petrol bomb mosques in revenge for the Manchester attack.

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