British Labour refuses racist Max Mosley’s money

This 27 February 2018 video from Britain is called Max Mosley questioned over racist leaflet.

By Sam Tobin in Britain:

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Labour Party: No more Mosley money after fascist find

LABOUR will not accept further donations from former motor-racing boss Max Mosley after a 1961 campaign leaflet he published emerged that warned: “Coloured immigration threatens your children’s health”.

The pamphlet, supporting a by-election candidate for the fascist Union Movement, led by Mr Mosley’s father [Sir] Oswald, was found in historical archives in Salford. It states it was “published by Max Mosley”.

A senior Labour source described the views expressed as “repugnant” and said neither deputy leader Tom Watson, who has received more than £500,000 in donations from Mr Mosley, nor the party would take any further payments from him.

The Daily Mail, which unearthed the pamphlet, said it raised questions over Mr Mosley’s evidence under oath — he said he did not recall such a leaflet — when he successfully sued the News of the World in 2008, which had … reported that a sex party he participated in was “nazi-themed.”

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said: “I can confirm that information was received from the Mail and has been passed to the Metropolitan Police.”

Watson should consider returning Mosley donation, McDonnell suggests: here.

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