Saudi bombs destroy Yemeni mosques

This 20 April 2018 video is called 20 civilians killed in airstrike in Yemen.

This video from Yemen used to say about itself before Youtube censored it:

Mosques flattened in fresh Saudi airstrikes in Yemen

25 February 2018

The Saudi military campaign was launched in March 2015 with the aim of reinstalling Yemen’s former Riyadh-backed government

Around 13,600 Yemenis have so far lost their lives in the war, which also recruits many of Saudi Arabia’s regional allies, and enjoys logistical, political, and arms support from the United States and the United Kingdom.

The 13,600 dead Yemenis figure does not include the many people who died from the cholera epidemic, caused by Saudi bombing of water infrastructure; and who died from famine as a consequence of the Saudi blockade of Yemen.

10 thoughts on “Saudi bombs destroy Yemeni mosques

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