Caterpillar speaks, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

Here’s what a predator hears when it tries to bite this caterpillar | Science News

26 February 2018

One of the relatively few caterpillars discovered to make noises, the young Nessus sphinx hawk moth gives hissy protests when tapped by lab forceps. The natural sound is audible to the human ear in a quiet room. This recording, with help from a bat detector, has captured a fuller range of caterpillar frequencies, including some normally beyond the range of human hearing.

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Credit: Jayne Yack

The search for food is linked to other areas in the olfactory center of female tobacco hawkmoths (Manduca sexta) than the search for plants to best lay eggs, researchers have found. The study confirmed that activity in specific areas in the antennal lobe of the insects correlates with feeding behavior, whereas activity in other areas is related to egg-laying: here.

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