British Blairite Witchfinder General resigns as Labour general secretary

This video from Britain says about itself:

Iain McNicol resigns

23 February 2018

Dodgy Dossier Iraq War ex MI6 Chief Richard Dearlove says ‘Corbyn’ has questions to answer; as Iain McNicol, the Labour Party General Secretary who orchestrated the ‘Great Members Purge’ in an attempt to stop Corbyn being elected leader has resigned.

When Tony Blair ruled Britain in 2006, police arrested a man as a ‘terrorist’ for singing a punk rock song.

Under Blair’s ‘New Labour‘ successor Gordon Brown, police banned rock band Babyshambles from playing, because they ‘sped up and then slowed down their music’.

Blair is gone as prime minister now. So is Gordon Brown. But Blairite bureaucrats in the British Labour party still, up to now, practice Blairite dictatorial dirty tricks; also with musical preference as a pretext. Labour’s Witchfinder General Iain McNicol banned a woman because she would probably vote for leftist Jeremy Corbyn in the party leader election (with as McNicol’s pretext that this woman, Ms Catherine Starr, liked United States rock band the Foo Fighters). At the same time, McNicol banned the leader of the baker’s trade union for supporting Corbyn. And McNicol banned a retired miner who had been a Labour party member for 45 years for criticizing Owen Smith, the Blairite candidate in the party leadership election.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Monday, February 26, 2018

McNicol’s resignation ‘clears the way for Labour victory’

IAIN McNicol’s resignation as Labour Party general secretary clears the way to a Labour election victory, a group of party activists said at the weekend.

Mr McNicol said he was taking an “opportunity to pursue new challenges” on Friday night.

He was Labour’s senior official when tens of thousands of new party members were barred from voting in the 2016 Labour leadership election as Owen Smith miscarried the hopes of the right against popular incumbent Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr McNicol was accused of trying to prevent Mr Corbyn getting on the 2016 ballot paper by arguing that he should seek nominations from MPs.

The leadership challenge brought a surge of applications for party membership from people wishing to vote in the election.

Most were assumed to be Corbyn supporters and the Labour Party’s national apparatus moved against them.

An estimated 130,000 new members were barred from voting by the party’s national executive committee, which defeated a challenge to its ruling in the High Court.

Despite the disenfranchisement, Mr Corbyn won the leadership contest with an increased majority.

TWO leftwingers are in the running to succeed Iain McNicol as Labour’s general secretary. Unite south-east regional secretary Jennie Formby formally declared she would be applying for the job today. And the Star understands that Momentum founder Jon Lansman is likely to throw his hat into the ring: here.

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