Anti-Chinese students witch hunt in the USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

A New Witch Hunt? FBI Calls Chinese Students a Threat

24 February 2018

Calling China “a whole-of-society threat”, FBI Director Christopher Wray recently claimed that Chinese students in the US may be conducting espionage. Law professor, author, and Committee of 100 chair Frank H. Wu, says the FBI is reviving a racist legacy.

A much-promoted book published this week calls for Australia to join a US-led war against China, supposedly as the only way to stop the country from becoming a “tribute state of the resurgent Middle Kingdom.” Silent Invasion: China’s Influence in Australia, by Clive Hamilton, a former Greens election candidate, now a university professor, is a rabid anti-Chinese diatribe. In the filthy traditions of the racist White Australia policy, he depicts many of Australia’s 1.2 million people of Chinese descent as tools of Beijing, casts suspicion over the country’s 130,000 Chinese students and every academic “of Chinese descent,” and alleges that many business and political leaders are “fifth columnists”: here.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Chinese students witch hunt in the USA

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