9 thoughts on “Florida school massacre, why?

    • Indeed, Clarissa! In the short term I hope that the mass movement by students will limit the political power of the NRA. In the long term, this rampant inequality, pointed out in the blog post, has to stop.

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  1. Dear Friends and Activists,

    With the TV cameras rolling and the leaders of both major political
    parties sitting around a long table, Trump appeared to endorse
    banning all assault weapons, universal background checks, and all the
    other things that a decisive majority of the American people want. It
    was all the Republicans on an NRA leash could do to keep from kicking
    him under the table.

    “I’m not afraid of the NRA,” declared brave Donald, who said just
    last week he was ready to run into a school building without a gun of
    any kind of his own to confront someone shooting a high powered
    semi-automatic. Until the NRA jerked his chain, that is.

    Since then Trump has been silent on Twitter on this issue, leaving it
    to the NRA to tweet FOR the know nothing in chief that it was still
    sell as many guns as possible business and damn public safety as

    Maybe the NRA had a problem with Trump saying we should take guns
    away from people and worry about due process later. Ya think? If the
    discussion is supposed to be about what new laws to pass to protect
    the safety of the American people, talking about disregarding the law
    bothers even us.

    But fact remains that the NRA’s won’t consider anything else
    “solution” of more guns everywhere at all times is sheer lunacy, like
    trying to fix a broken jar by smashing it into more pieces. No sooner
    did they start pushing their arm all the teachers initiative (1
    million additional sales for their manufacturers) than a teacher in
    GA, who already had a gun in school, went ballistic, shooting at
    people who tried to enter a room where he had barricaded himself.

    There may be some states that may still authorize teachers with guns
    in school. There may be some teachers in those states who agree to
    carry them. But it would just lead to students being less safe, with
    so many more guns for some disturbed student to grab, accidental
    shootings, panic shootings, the real police not knowing who to take
    out in a crisis, and everything else. And what about all the other
    states who don’t want to buy into escalating this insanity?

    And then what, assuming it was even possible to so-called harden all
    schools, what about the movie theaters and everywhere else? Rick
    Santorum, who has a life time blood thirsty rating from the NRA, was
    talking the other day about having citizens armed in theaters.

    What the hell does Santorum think he is talking about? People with
    guns in movie theaters in the dark?? People shooting at each other in
    the DARK?? What could possibly go wrong?

    It’s obvious there is only one path back to sanity. Remove from
    office in the upcoming November election all standing in the way of
    responsible gun regulation. The students themselves are leading the
    way politically. We stand with the students who are fighting for
    their own lives.

    By the way, we FIXED the “People Without Guns” bumper sticker link.
    Much thanks to the person who brought that to our attention. So
    please try again if you wanted some to stand with the students
    standing so strong.

    People With Guns bumper stickers: https://www.utalk.us/?g=1:SK

    And we will continue to distribute all our Trump resistance message
    items as long as he is playing golf while he is supposed to be
    protecting America.

    Trump, YOU’RE Fired caps: https://www.utalk.us/?g=2:Y

    Lock Him Up Trump popcorn boxes: https://www.utalk.us/?g=5:PB

    Dump Trump bumper stickers: https://www.utalk.us/?g=1:SU

    Trump the Fraud bumper stickers: https://www.utalk.us/?g=1:SF

    Custom Trump Resistance bumper stickers:


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