United States Big Business censors ThinkProgress site

Think Progress on being censored

Today, I found this announcement on the site ThinkProgess in the USA.

ThinkProgress is a liberal site. It cannot be considered in any way an anarchist, Marxist or otherwise so called ‘extreme left’ site.

Yet, they are critical of ‘white nationalist’ white supremacists. And, apparently, not just the billionaire in the White House thinks that white supremacists are ‘very fine people’. Some other Big Business billionaires think so as well, causing them to attack ThinkProgress.

This blog has blogged before on censorship of leftist and/or pro-peace and/or pro civil liberties sites; like the World Socialist Web Site, the American Civil Liberties Union, Alternet, Amnesty International, Truthout and Truthdig. I did not know yet then what happened to ThinkProgress.

2 thoughts on “United States Big Business censors ThinkProgress site

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