14 thoughts on “Homelessness ‘criminal’, say British Conservatives

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  2. Namaste 🙂

    The simple answer is get rid of the stinking royal family, free up the money that is paid to them by the UK taxpayer and use it to fund hostels for the Homeless whilst the royal family can pay for its own exaggerated lifestyle. They do nothing for anyone other than themselves and have no place whatsoever in a modern society. They are not even democratically voted but are self-appointed having amassed vast wealth through past bloodshed and imperialism. Fascists like this fascist pig of a government must be supported by the Queen else she’d have told May to stand-down already Obviously deaths through the direct actions of her government doesn’t mean a rats arse to her: indeed why should she it when she’ll never have to wear rags and eat from a food-bank.

    To the members of Windsor Council I hope you self-serving ego-centric spineless gutless disturbed perverted and depraved pieces of flesh rot very slowly in hell. Inhuman beings like yourselves are not fit to govern anything least of all townships that wilfully and deliberately target the most vulnerable in society. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Perhaps these inhumane pieces of crap will think again when the Homeless of Windsor erect tents in the councillors neighbourhood instead where they won’t be fined: in fact erect them right outside their large expensive homes.

    I have nothing but contempt for fascist despots and overpaid useless councillors in any borough: but in the royal borough especially where it is obvious they have been told what to do by some other jumped up piece of filth: no doubt by someone at the palace licking arse. It’s pathetic that they believe the nation wants to celebrate Harry’s wedding when most don’t give a shit about him or the rest of the self-appointed individuals who give themselves a fancy name.

    The UK has gone to the dogs and all of them corgi’s. It’s an absolute stinking joke and the UK public just sit back and do nothing to stop these elitists celebrating when poverty exists on their doorstep. Why do the UK public continue to do nothing? Are they blind or just apathetic?

    Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂



  3. I have honestly and without a spec of the dramatic, completely lost the will to live. Truly I hope I will die very soon. To live and see this happening, not just the attack on the homeless but all of it, a war on all the people of the world who are not part of the greedy conscienceless elite is truly sickening. And all the more because we could stop it, stop buying things from companies who give zero hours contracts, don’t pay workers a reasonable living for example. Stop funding huge techno companies by rushing out to buy their latest gadget because you need to be trendy. Dont shop at that huge chain of pharmacies that rhymes with Toots and pays nothing back to the countries that lines it’s pockets. Dont buy that over priced coffee in unrecyclable cups on the way to work, buy a bloody flask make your own at home and give a pound you have saved to someone worse off than you freezing outside Toots the pharmacy at night, you are still quids in. Buy nothing from the company that rhymes with Malmart or its off shoots. Take most of your money out of the bank, don’t use contactless card contact to pay for things use cash as much as possible keep the last dregs of person power alive while you still can. That is just for starters just a begining. It would make a huge difference immediately. But we won’t because we have been utterly brainwashed for the main part that this hideous
    ‘ western civilization’ and ‘freedom’ to consume and and not to care about anything but ourselves our own little bubble is all there is. We keep voting for the bad guys and guzzling done propaganda. I am done. The murder of hope is complete. The idea of seeing any more of this sh** play out, the completion of this totalitarian inhumane state is terrifying. . Please wake people up. I wish I lived in the usa so I could still buy a gun and blow my bloody brains out. None of this makes sense. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa!


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