United States corporate Democrats sell out DREAMers to Trump

This video from the USA says about itself:

CNN Host Scolds Dems For Being Far Left On Immigration

22 January 2018

The Democratic party ‘far left’?!?! Really … Today, the pro-Wall Street majority of United States Democratic senators caved to the xenophobia of Donald Trump and his Republican party by passing a budget betraying young children of immigrants, the ‘DREAMers’.

This video from Washington in the USA says about itself:

22 January 2018

The Russell Senate rotunda was swarmed by “Dreamers” — recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — and their supporters as Congress debated a continuing resolution to continue funding the government for another 4 weeks — one that did not include a fix for the Dreamers, but did include a six-year funding extension for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

This video from Washington in the USA says about itself:

22 January 2018

Government Shutdown ENDS: Did Democrats Cave?

By Nina Turner from the USA today:

The backbone of the Democratic Party is nowhere to be found.

Although Senator Bernie Sanders and 15 Democrats in the Senate demonstrated leadership by voting against the government reopening without a clean DREAM Act, the majority of Senate Democrats showed their lack of courage.

This afternoon, Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the “arrangement” he and Republican leaders had come to: Democrats vote to reopen the government in exchange for more empty promises from the Republicans.

The time is now to reclaim the Democratic Party from the spineless politicians who have consistently let us down. Add your name and join me in the fight to pass a clean DREAM Act.

Too many Senate Democrats betrayed every promise made to Dreamers. We are disappointed to say the least, but we are going to keep fighting to win a clean DREAM Act.

It only took three days for the Democrats to fold – add your name and join the fight to pass a clean DREAM Act today.

Sign-up to stay informed on how each of us can continue to advocate for a clean DREAM Act.

In solidarity,

Nina Turner
Our Revolution

An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel into the legislature has no precedent in US political history: here.

The CIA takeover of the Democratic Party: here.

A tape recording made in January and leaked last week to the Intercept captures House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, the number two Democrat in the House of Representatives, telling a liberal candidate for the Democratic nomination in the Sixth Congressional District of Colorado that he should pull out in favor of the choice of the party leadership, Iraq War veteran and former paratrooper Jason Crow, who is now a well-connected corporate lawyer: here.

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