Carillion scandal in Britain

Carillion collapse in UK leaves pension scheme deficit of £2.6 billion: here.

Outsourcing Carillion vulture list draws ‘WTF’ gasp: here.

History: A wider perspective on Carillion: here.

Outsourcing: Carillion: the rise and fall of a financialised state parasite: here.

CARILLION was accused of hiding pension deficits of nearly £1 billion yesterday — nearly double the figure it had originally claimed. The collapsed outsourcing and construction firm has also been accused of trying to “wriggle out” of its pension obligations for a decade while paying out tens of millions in dividends for shareholders and “handsome pay packets” for bosses: here.

Carillion pension fund looted to pay billions to shareholders and bosses: here.

UNIONS lambasted the government yesterday following confirmation that apprentices caught up in the Carillion collapse will not be paid from later this week: here.

WHEN CARILLION collapsed last month it left the future of the new Royal Liverpool Hospital in limbo. The half-built £335 million hospital which has already faced three delays, now faces an ‘extended delay’. The heads of the Hospital Trust faced angry questions from concerned residents, patients and hospital staff at a meeting on Tuesday: here.

Carillion bosses should face more than a ritual grilling: here.

Big four accountancy firms pocket over £70m from Carillion’s cadaver. MPs accuse KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and Ernst & Young of ‘feasting on the carcass’ of Carillion: here.

Carillion finance chief ‘dumped’ shares at first opportunity: here.

The jobs, wages and pensions of 6,000 workers in Canada are under threat as a result of the bankruptcy of Carillion Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of British-based Carillion PLC: here.


BOSSES at collapsed outsourcing giant Carillion were “stuffing their mouths with gold” and dodging workers’ demands while the firm was run into the ground, according to report by MPs published today: here.

British Museum workers ‘kept in the dark’ about their future after Carillion collapse: here.

OUTSOURCING giants like Carillion should never be allowed near a public-sector contract again, TSSA members said today. Delegates at the transport union’s conference in Leicester unanimously passed a motion calling for the reversal of “the deregulation, privatisation and contracting out processes of the last 20 to 30 years” following Carillion’s demise. And members warned similar disasters lay in wait unless contracts for public services were taken back in-house”: here.

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