North American birds at feeders

This video from Canada is called Blue Jays Pick Peanuts From Feeder Tray In Ontario – Jan 16, 2018.

From Cornell Lab eNews in the USA, January 2018:

When 136 Species Show Up at a Feeder, Which One Wins?

Bird feeders are always aflutter as birds small and large vie for the best spots. So who gets the most respect? Using Project FeederWatch sightings, researchers ranked 136 species of North American feeder birds in a “dominance hierarchy.” The meekest of the bunch was the Eurasian Tree Sparrow—which bird do you think is at the top? Find out here.

There’s Still Time: You can join Project FeederWatch and take your enjoyment of birds up a notch this season.

2 thoughts on “North American birds at feeders

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