Saudi warplanes keep killing Yemeni civilians

This 20 April 2018 video is called 20 civilians killed in airstrike in Yemen.

This. now censored, video from Yemen used to say about itself:

13 July 2017

Three children were injured on Wednesday by a cluster bomb left behind by the Saudi-American aggression in Saada province.

A local source in the province said that three children (two boys and a girl), including a child in a serious condition, were wounded by a cluster bomb explosion, remnants of aggression in Al Abuest district, Department of Sohar.

It is noteworthy that children are the main victims as a result of the explosion of cluster munitions delivered by the US-Saudi aggression on various Yemeni provinces.

Since its inception on 26 March 2015, the aggression has thrown thousands of internationally banned cluster bombs on Saada province and several Yemeni provinces, leaving thousands of unexploded bombs.


Shahab Saleh Hamoud Massad 3 years.
Yasser Ahmed Hassan Massad 8 years.
U M Matir 12 years.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

YEMEN: A Saudi-led coalition air raid on a marketplace has killed 11 people, including a child, the health director for northern Saada province said on Wednesday night.

Hassab al-Azay said an 11-year-old boy was among the dead and that five others were injured.

Yemen: a western-sponsored genocide: here.

Britain: Human rights groups urge Theresa May to cancel visit of Saudi Crown Prince: here.

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