Guantanamo torture camp still open today

This video says about itself:

The Dark Legacy Of The Guantanamo Prison

11 January 2018

Guantánamo inmates claim Trump‘s ‘anti-Muslim bias‘ fuels their detention. Eleven prisoners are petitioning a federal court in Washington to end their indefinite incarceration and are citing the president’s campaign comments: here.

Will religion decide the fate of the Guantánamo Bay detainees? The Trump administration has moved from releasing detainees based on their risk factor to treating individuals as dangerous because of their faith: here.

Guantánamo: Bush-era officials warn keeping prison open may be $6bn error. Trump’s decision to keep the prison open may be costly and dangerous, according to officials who set up the Cuba facility: here.

The Man Who Almost Escaped Guantanamo Bay. After 14 years of imprisonment without charge, Abdul Latif Nasser thought he was finally going home. Then Donald Trump won: here.

16 thoughts on “Guantanamo torture camp still open today

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  8. US: Eleven Guantanamo Bay detainees will have their cases heard in Washington today.

    Two of the men, Towfiq Bihani and Abdul Latif Nasser, remain locked up despite having been cleared for release by the US defence and security agencies after exhaustive investigations.

    The prisoners will not be able to hear the case after their appeal for live audio access was rejected by the presiding judge.


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