Hyenas and lions in Africa

This 5 January 2020 video from South Africa says about itself:

Filmed in the Kruger park by Brent Schnupp, where he managed to watch this amazing interaction between elephants and hyenas and lions and hyenas.

Hyenas will flee when they see one male lion but fight when they see four lionesses reason being they know that male lions will fight to the death for something they believe is theirs, while lionesses will flee to avoid injuries. In this sighting, it is the hyenas who chose to flee from a kill they had originally stolen from the lions.

A video from Maasai Mara national park in Kenya used to say about itself:

When hyenas see a male lion

3 January 2018

Amazing sighting showing yet again how feared a male lion is, and this one is just a young juvenile lion.

Also featuring hippos and jackals.

8 thoughts on “Hyenas and lions in Africa

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