4 thoughts on “British ‘New’ Labour, Gordon Brown’s memoirs

  1. Labour wins the first by-election of 2018

    LABOUR has won the first council by-election of 2018, taking a seat from the Tories in Borehamwood.

    Rebecca Butler won the Cowley Hill seat to become Labour’s fourth councillor in the Hertfordshire town, where her husband Richard Butler already has a council seat.

    The by-election was called after David Burcombe was forced to resign in November after losing his appeal against a sexual assault conviction.

    Mr Burcombe represented the Tories in Cowley Hill when first elected in 2015 but quit the party in January 2016 to sit as an independent.

    There was a 7.4 per cent swing to Labour from the Conservatives since the last election in 2015.

    Ms Butler said: “I’m so grateful and thrilled to win. I felt that when we were campaigning, we were really in touch with the residents.

    “It feels good to represent where I live and this result gives Labour a good platform looking forward to the local elections next year.”



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