Nuclear disarmament conference, Brussels, 10 January

Brussels nuclear disarmament cconference poster

From the peace movement intal Greater Middle East in Belgium (translated):

10/01/2018: Conference on nuclear disarmament: necessary step for peace?

On 7 July 2017, a historic moment took place: 122 countries signed a UN treaty that forbids nuclear weapons. Not just a piece of paper, but a binding treaty for the signatories. Historical and hopeful. Most countries in the world want to get rid of nuclear weapons.

Belgium, on the other hand, remains on the sidelines. The left progressive group [of European Parliament members] GUE-NGL will be discussing this with some guests on 10 January from 3 pm to 6 pm in the European Parliament. Will you be there? You can register via


15u-16u30: First panel:

Sabine Lösing, European Parliament member Die Linke – GUE/NGL
Leo Hoffmann-Axthelm, ICAN (Nobel Peace Prize, 2017)
Maria do Socorro Gomes, president World Peace Council
Merja Kyllönen, GUE/NGL (video message)

Discussion and questions

16u30-18u: Panel Campaigns:

João Pimenta Lopes, PCP GUE/NGL MEP
Ilda Figueiredo, president Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC)
Regina Hagen, Board Member of Büchel ist überall! (Germany)
Laura Lodenius, Executive Director Peace Union of Finland

Interventions of the public and other movements:

Kate Hudson, British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmement (CND) General Secretary
Veronique Coteur, intal
Dennis Kyriakou, Cypriot Peace Movement
Samuel Legros, CNAPD [Belgium]

Final word by João Pimenta Lopes, GUE/NGL.

The ‘event’ in Hawaii only underlines the fallacy of believing that a nuclear conflagration is too horrific to ever be attempted. It is time we woke up to the reality of the threat, writes TOM UNTERRAINER, and acted decisively to eliminate it forever.

The media’s guilty silence on Hawaii nuclear war alert: here.

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