Sunfish beached in Dutch Zeeland

Ocean sunfish, beached at Nieuwvliet

Translated from the Reddingsteam Zeezoogdieren Zuidwest in Zeeland province in the Netherlands:

Nieuwvliet, 25 December 2017 – this afternoon RTZ-Zuidwest received another report of a stranded ocean sunfish. This time between beach pavilion De Boekanier and Nieuwvliet.

RTZ-southwest has gone that way but due to the falling darkness and the rising water, the sunfish was no longer found. It is possible that it will be found tomorrow morning so that it can still be recovered.

UPDATE December 26, 2017

The cadaver of the sunfish was recovered on Tuesday at Nieuwvliet-Bad. The sunfish measured 1m10 x 0m80.

4 thoughts on “Sunfish beached in Dutch Zeeland

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