Sculpin and western tubenose goby

This 25 December 2017 Dutch video is about two fish species living in the Netherlands: the Cottus perifretum sculpin and the western tubenose goby.

Cottus perifretum is an indigenous species. While the western tubenose goby is a recent arrival, which managed to reach western Europe after the Danube and Rhine rivers were linked by a canal.

More sculpin videos are here.

Sculpin in Leiden: here.

During a 2017 survey of deep-sea fauna off the coast of Seragaki in Onna Village, Okinawa, researchers found something unexpected: a small fish with a vibrant yellow body. Using a remotely operated vehicle, the animal was retrieved 214 meters beneath the surface of the East China Sea. It was later identified as Larsonella pumilus: here.

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