Kill LGBTQ people, Texas Republican politician says

This video from the USA says about itself:

21 May 2012

Mississippi conservative Republican State Representative Andy Gipson posted a message on his Facebook page which calls for putting to death gays and lesbians.

That was over five years ago. And now …

By David Edwards in the USA:

Texas GOP candidate cites ‘Biblical law’ on homosexuals and vows to ‘gladly execute a convicted sodomite

24 December 2017

A Texas Republican candidate for governor cited what he said was “Biblical law” last week and vowed to “gladly execute” convicted LGBT people.

Out Smart magazine first reported that Larry Kilgore made the remarks about homosexuals on Twitter.

“I’d gladly execute a convicted adulterer, sodomite or bestialiter,” he wrote. “Biblical law is a blessin.”

Kilgore told Lone Star Q in 2014 that he believes LGBT people deserve to be put to death.

OKLAHOMA CITY — The vice chair of the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents announced Thursday, December 21, he would resign after an uproar over a comment on public affairs television that appeared to liken gay people to pedophiles: here.

Republican Candidate Goes Full Nazi: Jews “Pretend” to be White to Undermine the White Race. Paul Nehlen is openly spewing white nationalist hate speech: here.

7 thoughts on “Kill LGBTQ people, Texas Republican politician says

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  2. This enrages me, making me have to control my anger. Republicans and southern conservatives need to stop bible quoting. It is a cover for their own hate and insecurities and they are tarnishing the face of an already defaced faith. >:-( In my view they are like what radicals are to Islam.


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