London Grenfell Tower’s children’s alternative Christmas message

This video from London, England says about itself:

Grenfell survivor: ‘You just killed my son’ – BBC Newsnight

13 July 2017

Andreia Gomes was seven months pregnant when she escaped from the 21st floor of Grenfell Tower with her husband and their two daughters. The baby did not survive. The family have been telling their story – including how one of their daughters was diagnosed with cyanide poisoning – for the first time to Newsnight’s Katie Razzall.

By Will Stone in Britain:

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Child survivors of Grenfell to give alternative Christmas message

CHILD survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire will wish “everyone in the world to have a house” in an alternative Christmas message to the Queen’s speech.

Five of the children who escaped the fire in west London that killed 71 people will speak of the importance of having a home in the Channel 4 broadcast on December 25.

The broadcast will hear from Megan Gomes, 10, and her sister Luana, 12, who lived on the 21st floor.

Both went into induced comas while they were treated for smoke inhalation.

Their family spent five months living in a hotel but were recently moved to a temporary flat where they will spend Christmas.

Megan said: “My Christmas message is that I think all families, children and parents should have a nice warm cosy home. I just want everyone in the world to have a house at least.”

Hayam Atmani, 10, who lived on the 15th floor of the tower, will also recall her memories of the night, as well as fond memories of her former home, including the spectacular views.

Hayam said: “Everyone came. They [Hayam’s friends] were just saying: ‘Oh that’s so cool! I wish I lived here.’ You could see the whole area, parks and stuff.”

Amiel Miller, 10, and his brother Danel, 7, who lived on the 17th floor, will recount how they heard people screaming on the night of the fire.

Channel 4 has broadcast a Christmas Day message since 1993 and is traditionally billed as an alternative to the Queen’s annual address.

The alternative Christmas message will air at 2.30pm.

What Christmas was like for my generation during the Great Depression. My only hope is that the similar pain that many people experience today will anger them as much as it did me, and help forge a new nation from the ashes of grave injustice, by Harry Leslie Smith: here.

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