80-year-old lobster saved from Christmas dinner

This video says about itself:

Breeding Lobsters At War – Blue Planet – BBC Earth

15 February 2017

After a month of walking, a female lobster is forced to fight for a breeding pit before laying her eggs.

Translated from Dutch regional broadcaster NH today:

HAARLEM – When Haarlem woman Yvonne van Eerden was eating in the Spaarne river city on Sunday evening at restaurant The Louisiana, her eye fell on a special announcement. Louis the Lobster, the 8.2 kilo-weighted lobster of at least eighty years old that is in the aquarium of the restaurant, is being auctioned for charity. Van Eerden offers. Not to throw Louis into the cooking pot, but to give him a nice old age. “That’s how it works two ways.” …

Ideally, Yvonne would like to bring Louis back to Canadian waters where he comes from. “But then maybe he will be caught again”, she explains her efforts to bring the gigantic lobster somewhere else. Yet she does not have to look for an aquarium in her living room, because after consultation the [Harderwijk] Dolfinarium is ready to house Louis. “He will gets his own home there”, says Van Eerden proudly. …

Tomorrow, Yvonne, restaurant owner Fausto and restaurant manager Douwe will bring lobster Louis to Harderwijk. …

In the Dolfinarium they are expecting Louis. “We found a nice spot for him”, says spokesman Taco Rietveld. “We do have other big lobsters, but not as big as this one”, he jubilates.

Because of Louis’s exceptional size, he is housed in a private aquarium. “Because he needs deep water”, the spokesman explains. Whether Louis later will have other lobsters as companions, Rietveld can not yet say. “We need to see how it goes.”

Yvonne van Eerden has paid four hundred euros for Louis the Lobster. That money is transferred by restaurant owner Fausto to The Clean Ocean Foundation.

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