Honduras police strike against regime, corporate media neglect it

This video says about itself:

Historic action by Honduran police is being ignored

10 December 2017

Honduran police are standing with the people and refusing to repress nationwide protests against the widespread allegations of fraud in recent elections that favor right-wing President Juan Orlando Hernandez.

On Sunday, both the Honduran electoral tribunal (TSE) and the Organization of American States (OAS) effectively put an end to the twisted electoral process that has followed the November 26 polls. The first made the official declaration of victory for the incumbent president, Juan Orlando Hernández, over the Opposition Alliance against Dictatorship’s candidate Salvador Nasralla by a margin of 1.5 percent. He is now to be sworn in for another four-year term in January. For its part, the OAS chief, Luis Almagro, issued the following statement: “Facing the impossibility of determining a winner, the only way for the people of Honduras to be the victors is to call for new general elections.” After three weeks of scrambling for a path of least resistance, these announcements mark the beginning of a new stage in the imposition by Washington and its Honduran client state of their preferred rulers with virtually the same methods that they used in the aftermath of the 2009 military coup: here.

Trump administration congratulates “re-election” of police-state regime in Honduras: here.

HONDURAN former president Manuel Zelaya has urged supporters to keep resisting the “illegal dictatorship” in his New Year’s message: here.

Honduras: Huge protest demands for the annulment of disputed election result. Thousands marched through the country’s second city San Pedro Sula in support of opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla: here.

Honduras: the coup has the “seal” of the United States: here.

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