Theresa May’s Britain, children homeless

This video from Britain says about itself:

Homeless at Christmas – family life in a B&B | homelessness | Shelter

30 November 2014

“I thought homeless was being on the street… I wasn’t living in my own house – that’s being homeless.”

Nigel’s boys are just two of the 90,000 children that will be homeless this Christmas.

That 2014 figure of 90,000 children is outdated now; as the British Conservative government has made ‘progress’ in its war on poor people.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

128,000 children will wake up homeless on Christmas Day

Wednesday 6th November 2017

A STAGGERING 128,000 children in Britain will wake up homeless on Christmas Day as Tory austerity takes its toll.

Homeless charity Shelter revealed yesterday that tens of thousands of children will spend Christmas living in temporary accommodation — bed and breakfast houses and hostels — with whole families crammed into one room, sometimes three to a bed, with no cooking facilities and shared toilets.

The charity carried out a study into the devastating effects of the government’s austerity programme by talking to some of the victims.

Among them were twins Ellie and Amy, aged 15.

Amy said: “We’re living in a B&B. It’s a small room with five people living in it. It’s got one double bed and one single bed.

“It’s not even a proper bed – it’s a camp bed. Three people sleep in the double bed with one person at the bottom and two people at the top.”

Sarah, 40, lives in one room in a B&B with her husband and children, including her three-month old baby.

She said: “We sleep on the bed, they play on the bed, we eat on the bed. There’s just no place for anything.”

Natalie, 31, and her children have been in a hostel for over a year – despite a statutory six-week limit on the time families are forced to stay in temporary accommodation.

She said: “There was no heating here, so me and the kids were constantly getting ill. It was ridiculous.

“Watching your kids emotionally go through it can make you feel quite inadequate as a mother, a parent. You feel guilty.

“Just watching your kids suffer. You know, they suffer socially, they suffer at school, they suffer at an emotional level.”

Ellie said: “It’s hard to concentrate at school because there’s the worry about coming home. It’s just stressful.

“There’s nowhere we can relax or get any privacy. Before it was much better. We had our own home right near school and right near our friends.

“We all had our own rooms and a cooker and a fridge. We could eat proper meals. I just want it to be like it was before.”

Shelter said Britain was suffering its highest level of child homelessness for a decade with 140 families becoming homeless every day – and that the problem will worsen through the Tory-created housing crisis.

The charity’s head Polly Neate said: “It’s a national scandal that the number of homeless children in Britain has risen every year for the last decade.

“No child should have to spend Christmas without a home – let alone 128,000 children.”

Labour has pledged to introduce a national house-building programme to create 250,000 social housing homes a year once elected.

Shadow housing minister Melanie Onn said: “It is heartbreaking that 128,000 children will wake up on Christmas morning with no place to call home. The Conservative government is failing them.

“This shames us all. Ministers must back Labour’s national plan to end this homelessness crisis.”

See also here.

Help a Hungry Child: Food banks could run dry this Christmas as demand soars, warns charity. Government must end ‘litany of horrors’ facing millions with insecure access to food, says Trussell Trust: here.

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  3. Thursday 7th December 2017

    by Will Stone in Britain

    CAMPAIGNERS are fighting to get a homeless man off the streets after he was brutally attacked with a heavy padlock and chain.

    Rob Lynskey was hospitalised following the attack in Doncaster town centre early on Tuesday morning.

    Donny Scran Van community hub, which provides food for homeless people in the Yorkshire town, is trying to save Mr Lynskey from returning to the streets after his stay in hospital.

    Hub leader Phillip Hartley, who has been visiting Mr Lynskey in hospital, called the attack “very serious.”

    Mr Hartley said the blows took a chunk of skin off the rough sleeper’s head.

    “If there had been somewhere for Rob to go to, he wouldn’t have been out on the street and he wouldn’t have been there to be attacked,” he said.

    “It shouldn’t take a death for that to start happening.

    “This is why we need to get the message out — no more deaths on our streets.

    “We’re going to do everything we can to make sure that, when he’s released from hospital, he doesn’t go straight back to the streets. That happens far too often.”

    Police have opened an investigation into the incident.

    A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “Enquiries are continuing after a 32-year-old man was found with a serious head injury on High Street in Doncaster.

    “Anyone with information is asked to call 101 and quote incident number 125 of December 5 2017.”

    There are around 70 people sleeping rough at any one night in Doncaster, according to research by local charity M25 Housing and Support Group.


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