12 thoughts on “Amnesty accuses Shell of murder, rape, torture of Nigerians

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  6. Nigerian oil union threatened by military calls off strike

    On September 9, the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas (NUPENG) called off a strike begun three days earlier. NUPENG brought its members out in the Delta oil-producing area over union rights and the intervention of the military.

    Armed soldiers were dispatched by the Sterling Oil Exploration and Energy Producing Company and its drilling partner, British Oil and Gas Limited. The military expelled workers from the rigs and workplaces and compelled them to sign papers rejecting union membership. Three thousand workers were sacked after demanding the constitutional right to be in a union, a demand the companies have consistently opposed.

    The government was brought in to oversee a deal—claiming the companies had accepted workers’ rights and agreed on union organisation. In exchange for this worthless promise NUPENG called off the strike.



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