Peace demonstration Amsterdam, 3 December 2017

This video from Britain is called Historical anti-war protest in London: 15 February 2003.

From the Amsterdam Peace Initiative in the Netherlands:


On December 4th the Dutch parliament will decide on prolonging the war missions in Mali and Afghanistan and later on the one in Iraq. The government will enforce the armed forces for this, instead of choosing for peace by diplomacy, by a fair international economy and a good climate policy.

This government wants to increase the Dutch defense budget this year by 900 million euros, and then by an annual 1.5 billion for the coming years. While budgets for child protection, eldercare and education have been largely reduced.

The Netherlands continues to export arms around the world and continues to participate in war missions. These intervention wars do not contribute to peace and security. On the contrary! They result in many victims and refugees. They are defending access to raw materials and profits of large companies. They increase poverty and reduce freedom and democracy in the countries concerned, but also in our own country. An atmosphere of insecurity is emerging that feeds enemy images and raises racism and brings hate into hearts. We say refugees are welcome, but it is better to prevent that they need to flee. Therefor stop the war missions.

Join us at December 3 at 3:00 pm on Spui [square in Amsterdam] at ‘t Lieverdje [stars] to show what we all think: GOOD WARS DO NOT EXIST!

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