‘Indict Libyan slave traders at International Criminal Court’

This video from France says about itself:

18 November 2017

Thousands are protesting in Paris about Black African migrants being kidnapped and auctioned off into slavery in Libya. Yet the media remains silent on this protest.

Slavery in Libya was abolished in 1857; before, eg, the United States of America, or the Dutch colonial empire abolished it. However, NATO’s 2011 ‘humanitarian’ war on Libya brought it back.

Dutch NOS TV reports today that the Ivory Coast President, Alassane Ouattara, wants the slave traders selling refugees at slave markets in Libya to be indicted at the International Criminal Court in The Hague in the Netherlands.

In itself a good idea. However, one may wonder whether only Libyans of lower levels of the criminal food chain might be indicted in practice. And their enablers at the top levels of the three or more governments in Libya might go scot-free, being ‘too big to jail‘. And ex-Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, ex-President Sarkozy of France, the
hawks in the United States State Department and other Libya warmongers, who prepared the ground for re-introduction of slavery, might also go scot-free, being ‘too big to jail‘.

There were reports three years ago of the International Criminal Court investigating Tony Blair for war crimes in Iraq. Unfortunately, I did not hear anything about that lately.

This African American video says about itself:

France is primailry to blame for slave auctions in Libya

18 November 2017

Yesterday, France used tear gas on protesters, protesting slave auctions in Libya. In 2011 France was the main voice pushing for the war in Libya. It was the first country to use their aircraft to bomb Libya. Today we see slaves, enslaved Africans, being bought and sold in Libya. Bernard Henri Levy, a Frenchman, is also responsible.

10 thoughts on “‘Indict Libyan slave traders at International Criminal Court’

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  3. It’s true there is a slave trade in Libia.. (and people trafficking around the world).. but be careful! Why only now is there a protest?? Okay the ‘Slave Auctions’ news is new. But I suspect that ‘western interests’ are sponsoring an outcry now in order to justify a new ”intervention” by the ”Forces of Peace”..
    And why? They destroyed the rich and peaceful Libia to steal their oil.. now at last its beginning to flow again, with the profits going NOT to the Libian people. For example SPAIN’S REPSOL’S SHARARA PIPELINE WAS EXPORTING 210,000 BARRELS OF OIL A DAY BUT HAS JUST BEEN CLOSED AGAIN ”DUE TO INSTABILITY`’. (see in here https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/mar/29/struggle-for-control-of-libyas-oil-threatens-to-deepen-conflicts). .. they need security to steal the profits against the chaos of warring militias.. what better excuse for a new invasion.. to ”save” the slaves who are people kidnapped when trapped there trying to emigrate. I’m sure France has big oil interests and all Europwe is lookingv for a way to curb refugees. Also at least one of the images is definitely false.. this famous one was exposed as reality being some robbers punished in a Nigerian village..https://naijaonpoint.com/hoodlums-tied-upside-down-to-iron-bar-and-dealt-with-after-they-were-caught/
    I’m not saying we shouldnt do everything we can to help the slaves in Libia, but without falling for a new trick, like the invasion to kill Ghadaffi which destroyed this beautiful country


    • The slavery in NATO’s ‘new’ Libya was known long before CNN mentioned it, eg, on this blog.

      The demonstrations against it pay correctly much attention to the cause of the slavery, the 1911 NATO war, and denounce those responsible for that, like Big Oil, David Cameron of Britain, Sarkozy of France, and pro-war propagandists like French ‘philosopher’ Bernard Henry Levy.

      In this way, the protests work against propaganda for ‘humanitarian’ wars. Eg, in Belgium there is the demand for the Belgian government and the EU to stop subsidising the Libyan Coast Guard; who bring back refugees to the slave traders.


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