Dutch tantra massage sexual abuse

Massage oil

Today, Dutch NOS TV reports (translated):

Being sexually abused during tantra massage and then having to pay for it

Dozens of women have reported sexual abuse by tantra masseurs and ‘intimacy coaches’. Two of them are willing to tell what happened to them because they consider it important to warn women. Both have reported to the police. …

“Those sessions are very expensive, I have lost thousands of euros on them.”

Petra speaks to the masseur about the abuse, but he denies all responsibility. “He even suggested that I had asked for this myself.”

UPDATE: here.

USA: CHARLIE ROSE HAS BEEN FIRED By CBS and PBS. Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell spoke movingly about the horror of the allegations against him while co-hosting the “CBS This Morning” broadcast without Rose. And a HuffPost reporter speaks out about her own experience with the legendary journalist’s blurred lines. [HuffPost]

THE LATEST WAVE OF NEW ALLEGATIONS SPAN MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT AND THE OLYPMICS The head of animation for Disney and Pixar has taken a leave of absence amid sexual harassment complaints. Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas says team doctor Larry Nassar sexually abused her, too. And Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has been accused of rape. [HuffPost]

INSIDE CONGRESS’ OWN SEXUAL HARASSMENT PROBLEM Matt Fuller and Amanda Terkel report on a scourge in Washington. And here’s why it’s harder to take down sex abusers in Washington than in Hollywood. [HuffPost]

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