English nazi arrested about Northern Ireland

This BBC video from Britain says about itself:

28 September 2015

Britain First are a far-right political party who say they want Islam to be banned and would hang their enemies if in power. … The anti-racism group Hope Not Hate say they’re “the most dangerous group to have emerged on the British far right scene for several years”. The Victoria Derbyshire programme’s Benjamin Zand finds out who they are and meets them at one of their protests in Rotherham.

By Lamiat Sabin:

Fransen arrested over speech in Northern Ireland

Monday 20th November 2017

[Neonazi paramilitary gang] BRITAIN FIRST deputy leader Jayda Fransen has been arrested over a speech she had made at a rally in Belfast in August.

The 31-year-old was arrested on Saturday in south-east London by Police Service of Northern Ireland detectives assisted by Metropolitan Police officers.

A video posted on YouTube by the far-right group soon after the demo shows Ms Fransen addressing about 50 people calling themselves Northern Ireland Against Terrorism.

In the footage, she says that Muslims “are baying for our blood … The biggest threat to civilisation across the world is Islam … the world is at war with Islam.

Every single Muslim is obliged to kill you — and your husbands and your wives and your children.”

The demo took place on the same day as a republican march organised by the Anti-Internment League to mark the use of detention without trial by the British army during the height of the Troubles in 1971.

A Northern Ireland police spokesman confirmed Ms Fransen’s arrest and questioning under public order legislation.

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