Stop British government’s wars

This 2015 video from Britain says about itself:

Veterans For Peace UK is a voluntary ex-services organisation of men and women who have served in every war that Britain has fought since WW2.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Activists declare: Britain’s foreign policy has failed

Thursday 16th November 2017

BRITAIN’S foreign policy has failed — we needs a change of direction and an anti-war government, campaigners declared yesterday.

The Stop the War Coalition launched its latest briefing, bringing together MPs, trade unionists and peace campaigners in Parliament, with Labour’s Chris Williamson in the chair.

Despite government denial over its military interventions, Britain is involved in seven theatres of war, Stop the War said, adding that the by-products have been an increased threat of terror attacks and a rise in racism.

The meeting heard how women have not been liberated 16 years after the war on Afghanistan despite it being one of the declared aims of the British and US invasion.

And, as a result of the war, 36 per cent of the population are on the poverty line and only 27 per cent have access to safe drinking water.

And British arms sales are being put above human rights with a 500 per cent increase in trade of missiles and other weapons with the Saudi regime since its bombing of Yemen began over two years ago.

The panel heard how Britain had been involved in “war after war after war” and due to US President Donald Trump’s belligerence the world has been brought to the brink of nuclear war.

The briefing explains how the century has been marked by a series of wars from the Balkans and Iraq to Afghanistan and the disaster of Libya.

The briefing aims to provide information for trade unionists, students and activists to win the arguments against the government’s drive for wars and argues for a “radically different foreign policy.”

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