Donald Trump after one year

Cedric Burgess

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Today it is exactly a year ago since the billionaire won the election. The NOS spoke to several American voters about President Trump. They are divided on their president. …

Cedric Burgess from Washington (64): With Trump everything got worse

“I did not even stay up at night to see who would win the election. When I woke up in the morning I was disappointed, but I would also have been disappointed if Clinton had won. In my community, Trump is extremely unpopular.

As a black gay man, of course, I am in two minority groups. Two groups whom Trump does not want anything to do with. What particularly upsets me is that Trump will never give anything to anyone who is less privileged than he is. I really think Trump will cause a war for our country. The way he talks to people and the decisions he makes are incomprehensible.”

Democrats scored lopsided victories in state and local elections on Tuesday, propelled by mounting popular opposition to President Donald Trump and his attacks on health care and democratic rights: here.

Resisting Trump and building an alternative: interview with John Catalinotto: here.

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