Bongos, baby giraffe and birds

Bongos, 30 October 2017

Still 30 October 2017 in Rotterdam zoo Blijdorp. After the rhino and elephant babies, we saw these bongo antelopes.

As we walked on, we again saw some of the wild birds attracted to Blijdorp. A male blackbird feeding on berries. And in bushes a bit further, goldcrests.

After these smallest birds of Europe, a big aviary with much bigger birds.

Rüppell's vulture, 30 October 2017

Like this Rüppell’s vulture.

Also present in the aviary: hooded vultures, marabou storks, carrion crows, red kites and a paradise crane.

Giraffes, 30 October 2017

Next, the giraffe compound.

Giraffe, 30 October 2017

The giraffes often went inside the building, as food was hanging there.

Giraffe baby, 30 October 2017

The youngest giraffe could only just reach the food.

Giraffe baby, on 30 October 2017

Giraffe baby, 30th October 2017

Sometimes, it stopped feeding.

Giraffe baby, on 30th October 2017

Then, it went to the hay again.

House sparrows in the giraffe building.

On top of the giraffe building, starlings. They imitated the sounds of weaver birds in an aviary not far away.

Stay tuned for more on Rotterdam on this blog!

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