Bad news for Dutch women

This 2013 video is called Gender Inequality.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

The Netherlands going down on ranking of equality between men and women

Today, 05:11

On the ranking for countries about equality between men and women, the Netherlands is down from the 16th to the 32nd place. Inequality in income and political power has even increased here, according to the list of the World Economic Forum.

Like last year, Iceland is number one on the list. Norway rose from third to second place and traded places with Finland. Striking countries in the Top 10 are Rwanda (4), Nicaragua (6) and the Philippines (10).


On the first equality ranking list in 2006, the Netherlands still ranked 12th. Last year the Netherlands dropped from place 13 to 16.

In the field of education, the Netherlands is a worldwide leader. That is, equally so with 26 other countries. Men and women do equally well in the course of their studies. The Netherlands is much worse in terms of political power (25), employment and income (82) and health (108).


Atria Knowledge Institute for Emancipation and Women’s History is disappointed with the position of the Netherlands. “The rich Netherlands is now being surpassed up by a number of disadvantaged countries, so there are no financial arguments for our low score”, says Esther de Jong of the institute in the Algemeen Dagblad daily.

Atria criticizes the new right-wing Dutch government for not even mentioning women’s emancipation.

According to the Algemeen Dagblad report, worldwide inequality for women has gone up because of negative developments in the USA, India and other countries.

The Dutch wage gap between men and women is worst in the financial sector (banks etc.), 29%: here.

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